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Lucien's Voyage

Three generations have passed since the whispers of demons first spread across the lips of man. Since that first fateful night above Oakenfall, a kingdom has fallen, a god has died, the streets had begun to pile with bodies, but nothing that Oakenfall has experienced so far can prepare it for what will befall it as Lucien returns from his travel.

What started as a routine investigation of a haunted village, an easy task for a Mage Hunter Like Lucien, sends him on a voyage that will see him set against old enemies of Oakenfall, the whispering shadow that has lurked over the city since Darcy stood watching the centennial fireworks, explodes into the world threatening not only Oakenfall, but all Valadfar.

The 4th instalment of the Epic dark fantasy book series - Oakenfall Chronicles 


Lucien's Voyage.JPG
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