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A Tailor's Son

Harold Spinks finished working at his father’s tailor shop on East Street. He feels fortunate to be able to enjoy a brief moment of calm. That is until a baptism of fire and death forces him to partake in a manhunt to prove his innocence, as Harold is blamed for the brutal murders of working girls throughout the city of Oakenfall.


Harold is hounded by underworld criminals, corrupt officials, deranged clergy and at the heart of it - the Rakta Ishvara, the Blood God. Somehow Harold must survive long enough to hunt the man responsible for the fire at the Queens Tavern and prove his innocence.


Set twenty-eight years after “Dragon’s Blight”, this new dark saga continues to unfold the world of Oakenfall and delves into the seedy underbelly of the stone giant.

This is the second in the dark fantasy novels the 'oakenfall chronicles' 

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