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Damien Tiller

Damien Tiller was born in Portsmouth, UK, to working class parents.

A chequered childhood with less than perfect parents and absence from schooling, spending his teen years living in a squat in Boscombe, should have meant that a career in writing seemed far-fetched.

However, Damien found comfort in escapism and used writing to escape his own demons, leading to his first novel, "A Winter's Child", gaining some accolades in 2004. This was followed up with "Dragon's Blight" in 2013 and saw this dyslexic author carry out his first book signing in Blue Town, Kent. Achieving 3rd in Amazon's Best Sellers in December 2020.

Having all his works edited for second editions in 2020, Damien hopes that his top rated fantasy books and the journeys they contain have something to offer the readers.

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