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Dragon's Blight

Dragon’s Blight- An Oakenfall Chronicle – Book 1

Darcy Dean was the jaded son of a great war hero living under the shadow of his noble parents. His existence could be summarized as tedious, at least it could, before he received a summons from the king that changed his life forever and sent him out into the harsh and unforgiving frozen north of Neeska and towards the mages.

Darcy was more used to bookkeeping than holding a sword but as he makes his way towards the tower, an invading barbarian army edges ever closer. Will he live up to be half the man his father was and step forward as the saviour of the city he calls home? Or will Oakenfall be swept aside by the mighty arm of the Poles and their vicious leader Ingaild?

The dankest taverns in Oakenfall are ripe with whispers, talk of consorting with demons, and an ancient relic of untold power. Could it all somehow be linked to the rumours of the return of the scaled beasts of old – Dragons?

Dragon’s Blight is the first in the ‘Oakenfall Chronicles’, A dark epic fantasy series by international best-selling author Damien Tiller. This fast-paced dark epic fantasy series starts light-hearted, but it does not take long for the series to delve into the darkest parts of even a demon’s soul.


Start your adventure in Oakenfall now, available as eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

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A Tailor's Son

Harold Spinks finished working at his father’s tailor shop on East Street. He feels fortunate to be able to enjoy a brief moment of calm. That is until a baptism of fire and death forces him to partake in a manhunt to prove his innocence, as Harold is blamed for the brutal murders of working girls throughout the city of Oakenfall.


Harold is hounded by underworld criminals, corrupt officials, deranged clergy and at the heart of it - the Rakta Ishvara, the Blood God. Somehow Harold must survive long enough to hunt the man responsible for the fire at the Queens Tavern and prove his innocence.


Set twenty-eight years after “Dragon’s Blight”, this new dark saga continues to unfold the world of Oakenfall and delves into the seedy underbelly of the stone giant.

This is the second in the dark fantasy novels the 'oakenfall chronicles' 

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