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A Winter's Child

Whilst the ravages of the Dragon’s Blight are crashing against their border, the elves of the Whispering Woods are sheltered in the sleepy village of Oakford. A new elf, Diadan, is born and the quiet of the haven is disturbed. His mother passes during labour and his father, distraught, commits suicide, leaving the orphaned Diadan at the mercy of the Royal Court. As a plague creeps into the forest’s edge and no new children are born in the village, is he somehow tied to the growing darkness?

Thrust onto a path that will see his homeland burn, Diadan must flee into the unknown of Northern Neekska. Living a life tormented by nightmares of all that he bore witness to, can he battle his inner demons and return to reunite his people and reclaim his homeland?

The prequel to ‘Dragon’s Blight’ and ‘A Tailor’s Son’ A Winter's child continues the dark fantasy book series and explores the plight of the elves, the rise of the mighty Pole army, and how the Scorched Lands came to be.

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