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Characters of Oakenfall as depicted by Barry Thackray

The following gallery depicts artwork created by the ever-talented Barry Thackray of London, UK. Barry is an avid fan of the arts, be it the great works of composers, artists, or authors. A true gentleman, kind soul and all round wonderful man. He has been a fan of the Oakenfall Chronicles since the beginning. Painstakingly taking the characters created by Damien Tiller and adding his own flair to them for you to get to know your beloved characters that much better. 

Caution, some of the descriptions may contain spoilers.

Fintan Flynn


Fintan Flynn was born on Enwek 5th Haer 43DB which made him 43 in 'Dragon’s Blight'. He’s of average height for an elf and is generally unremarkable in many ways. His blond hair is typical of his kind, as are his pale green eyes. Like most elves he is blessed with boyish good looks and his innocent face pairs well with his personality. Fintan always sees the good in everyone and is a real people pleaser. He is shy and bashful which causes conflict with the would-be adventurer he longs to be. He’s skilled with a blade and wiry. Blessed with the longevity of the elves, although 43 winters have passed for him, he is as spritely and as naive as a teenager. When he should have been studying as a boy, Fintan had often snuck off out into the woods to make believe and chase fairy tales. Fintan has never forgiven himself for the deaths of his family and has been lost ever since their ship fell below the waves. He doesn’t want to follow suit and become a trader like they had been, but becoming an adventurer is something rare for his kind. Fintan kept himself largely to himself yet somehow still caught the attention of Cadeyrn, unbeknownst to him. He truly was too shy to believe anyone could possibly find him alluring, and oddly that was his charm for most people.   

Cadeyrn Silverleaf


Cadeyrn Silverleaf was born on Enwek, 21st Olar 73DB which made her 73 in 'Dragon’s Blight,' meaning she had spent her whole life on the Alienage Isle and had never seen the homeland of the elves of Oakford. She, as with most elves, was blessed with beauty. Bright blue eyes, thick blonde hair, and delicate features. She is a skilled diplomat and more than able to manage the challenges of court, a trait she takes from her mother. She can make even the most powerful feel like scared children in her presence. She is obsessed with the Spirit Realm and the world of dreams and magic that the old teachings of the elves talk of. Being the daughter of the great Diadan Silverleaf means she had been exposed to the best education the Alienage Isle can offer. After burying her mother and father on the Alienage Isle, Cadeyrn had no heirs and no spouse. She had been fond of Fintan Flynn, but the fates never allowed them to be together. Cadeyrn is not a willing combatant and will avoid war where she can, but the state of the nations means her hand is often reluctantly forced.    

Calvin Clark


Calvin Clark was born on Dumon, 22nd Solar 37AB which made him 63 in 'Dragon’s Blight,' an age few made it to in the harsh lands of the north and Calvin was lucky to have spent most of his life ‘safely’ behind the walls of the Tower Plains. He is a larger man having enjoyed numerous dinners and a life of being largely sedentary. His health had begun to wane a little as he got older, and he hoped to enjoy his twilight years in peace. His career had started off a little haphazardly, being orphaned in Oakenfall he was on a path to end up in one of the workhouses for the poor but fate had other plans for him, and his magic took him on a different path, one of learning and ancient tomes. Calvin is a good teacher as much as he hates it and is a sentimental man. His charges and young mages care for him greatly and he is well respected, if not perceived as being a little short-tempered and grumpy.   

Arch Mage


The Arch mage is old, no one is sure how old, but he’s old. It’s almost undisputed in The Tower that he should have retired years before but getting him to move on would take more than an exorcism. He has shriveled with age and looks like a cross between a human and white-furred old mole. His wrinkles had creases of their own. Decades of reading the future and experimenting with various herbs and concoctions has left the Arch Mage more than a little unhinged. He has the best in mind for everyone but a short fuse that comes with age and coping with various health complaints. His grip on magic means he knows more about what’s going on in the world and what has been than most. Although, getting him to articulate that in a way anyone can understand is a challenge.  

William Boatswain 


William Boatswain was born on Nywek 17th Haer 68AB which made him 32 in 'Dragon’s Blight'. Well groomed, and often smelling of fine fragrances, with skin bathed in milks and coconuts, William is not what is conjured when you think of a pirate. His long flowing black hair is well brushed and his flamboyant tastes in clothes are only matched by his outgoing and cheeky personality. He is the type of person that annoys everyone that is around him, yet for some reason everyone is his friend. He was raised by pirates and could identify almost any ship just by its silhouette on the horizon. William had been only seven years old when he watched his late father being killed without trial by the Hanson Monarchy. His father’s dead body was tossed overboard by King Hanson’s fleet just from White Isle and he had waited for it to be washed ashore. That was the moment when the son of the pirate king swore that the Hanson family would not keep the throne.

Erin Cleat


Erin Cleat was born on Minmon, 07th Thresh 82AB which made her 18 in 'Dragon’s Blight'. Although she had already done and seen more hardships than most by her age. Her mother was neglectful, and her stepfather an abusive drunk. Erin has a cold streak running through her and has killed more people than she dares think about. The turmoil inside her is hidden behind a pretty face, though anyone looking close enough could see the sadness in her eyes. Her family life in general is a mess, and she doesn’t know that William Boatswain is her father. Life for a teenager is always difficult but for Erin it’s been more than a little messy and between drink, and her association with the White Flag pirates, she was on a dark road until she meets the soft and gentle Fintan.

Granny - Frida


Frida, or ‘Granny’ as she was better known, is old. Much like the Arch Mage, she seems much older than even her weathered body would suggest. Granny first appears as the caregiver to Darcy Dean, but she has a long history that has her appearing throughout various Oakenfall Chronicles suggesting there is more to the old women than might first be apparent. At first, she comes across as the typical hard-edged nanny to a posh noble, but to those that take the time to get to know her they will see she is vulnerable, struggling with her age and seeing those she loves one by one disappear. She is a crone, but still boasts a sense of whimsy and sarcastic humor of that someone half her age. She has been in service to the Dean Estate since she was 15 and before that travelled the north as one of the Iron Giants. She is not well educated and far from book-smart, but she had a knowledge of the city and its politics that could challenge even the best of the scholars. She has a kind heart and cares for the orphans of the city.   

Harvey Hanson III


Harvey Hanson was born Duwek, 18th Winnan 47AB making him 53 in ‘Dragon’s Blight’. He was a fat and gluttonous man, that has the appearance of an old and oddly angry, if somewhat squashed, tangerine. He would choose soft and comfortable clothing over the typical robes and crown of office. Harvey Hanson was a history buff. When he wasn’t sending men to their needless deaths in battle, he was studying the history of his ancestors. The Hansons were the ones who’d started the rebellion against the dragons' rule and sparked the 800 Years War. He cares for the city in his own way but being a child born into riches, he is out of touch with the normal man on the street. He had a strained relationship with his father, feeling he could never make the man who was more interested in war than books, proud.

Darcy Dean


Darcy Dean was born Midwek, 11th Olar 73AB making him 27 in ‘Dragon’s Blight’. He is a slim, and well-pampered noble. Initially having long thick brown hair, this changes as does he as he continues his journey. He is pale, brooding and suffering with depression from the absence of anyone he cares about. Some might mistake his melancholy for boredom, but it hides a deeper dread that he’ll spend the rest of his days in the shadow of his wealthy parents. He is well educated, in the traditional sense, having attended the best schools Oakenfall can offer, but he has an almost childlike naivety and being noble, doesn’t understand the true nature of the city he calls home. He is truly unprepared and unequipped for the adventure that the encroachment of the Pole army forces him to endure.

Joani Goldhorn


Joani Goldhorn was born Brunwek 12th Solar 33DB making her 33 in ‘Dragon’s Blight’. She was 4 Foot 6 Inches and had a stocky build, yet toned and athletic. It was rare to see her not sat in a fluffy white shawl that looked like it had been taken from a mountain goat. She looked much more comfortable in minimal fighting attire than anything else. She was strong, fiery and a force to be reckoned with. her robust outer defense hid a more nurturing side, and she cared for her people, her family, and even the drunkard that caused endless nights of worry and shame that she called husband, and others called the Dwarven king. She had been born into the lower class and should never have been a queen, but she took to it with an adaptability few could dare question, at least if they wanted to keep their teeth.   

Harold Spinks

Haroldwebsite ready.jpg

Harold Spinks was born on Enwek 13th Brunst 9AB making him 20 in ‘A Tailor’s Son’. Harold has the strong build of an Iron Giant, but the soft skin of a noble. He is stereotypically handsome, tall, dark, and rugged looking, with impeccable fashion sense. As a tailor’s son his attire is always immaculate. He is however very judgemental and prone to flights of fancy. He will often have conjured a strong mental picture of others long before getting to know them and often based on very little fact. Underneath it all though, he has a kind spirit and is working two jobs to care for his family. He was born in the city but longs for those hot summer days in the countryside. There is little he cannot do with a needle and thread, but for his build is inadequately prepared for the worst the city has to offer. He’s well educated and almost as skilled with a quill as he is a tailor’s tools.     

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